Brave Corporate is a French company based in Paris specialized in international trading, sourcing and developing profitable deals for the global markets. 

Our team is taking advantage of specialization, know-how and reliable partnerships and business relations. This has been the base of the company, and continues to be the foundation of the company.

The experience of our investors and associates enabled us to capture the needs of the export markets, which we can define by the development of tailor made products for the individual customers in Europe, Asia and the rest of the world.

Our missions and strengths

  • Wide range of products and offers.
  • Conducting quality and safety checks as well as relevant auditing.
  • Risk management – currency, debtor, finance, commercial.
  • Handling optimal logistic solutions from our suppliers to our customers.
  • Controlling all paperwork and documentation in the supply chain.
  • Analysing and meeting customer and supplier needs in a dynamic market.
  • Assisting suppliers and customers to offset seasonal and market fluctuations.
  • Ensuring correct prices based on deep market insight and surveillance.
  • Providing full service for our partners throughout the whole value chain. 


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10 Rue de la Paix

F- 75002 Paris

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